Apr 17 2014

irish wolfhound mugs

perfect mugs for iw fans. / die perfekten becher für iw-fans

this mugs are heat-proof so you can drink not only water, wine or beer with them they keep your tea or glogg, too. when you are interested to get some than send an email to => claudia groß, germany.

Apr 15 2014

quote of the day

to cut it short, no matter how well managed, sooner or later closed registries will spell doom for a breed. source: more on closed registries, stephenbodio.blogspot.co.at

Apr 11 2014

quote of the day

dog breeders operate under the delusion that you can just select away from any disease just like you’d select away from poor conformation, which is why they go ape over every genetic test for a disease that comes down the pike. source: a culture that worships genetic plunder, retrieverman.net the whole article is worth reading. …

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Apr 04 2014

how to immunise puppies in a natural way.

everyone is talking about natural feeding. have you ever heard of immunisation in a natural way? than read this: => prevent parvo and distemper without vaccination, dogsnaturallymagazine.com frankly it is something vets or dog trainers will not tell you. common “knowledge” is to avoid visiting popular dog parks with your puppy …


=> puppy buyer etiquette

Mar 25 2014

cancer a disease of our modern times?

doesn’t look like. the oldest (human) skeleton, showing impact from cancer is from 1,200 BC and that’s only what we know by now … => ancient skeleton is the earliest case of cancer yet detected, bbc.com

Mar 20 2014

D-litter casidy ray


on 5 march eclipse flintstone “easy” got her first litter from quinhunt’s nantang nikanu. easy has coursing licence and comes from flintstone kennel in CZ where coursing is an important topic, too. her mother is darkness flintstone and her father is easy runner eoghan. so she has quite some coursing wolfhounds in her family. the …

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Mar 11 2014

run free my tank girl lilly


in january 2013 you where so suddenly weak and all we could find was a slight heart problem. i felt that this could not be the (only) reason for your condition. after few weeks i accepted to give you pain killers and some homeopatic treatment without clear findings. you recovered and i learned to enjoy …

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Mar 04 2014

one vaccination … – link

=> one vaccine can change your dog’s life forever, dogsnaturallymagazine.com

Feb 13 2014

what has to spay to do with joint disease?

quite a lot! => this article makes a good summary of all facts i collected during the last years. i know that many vets (not all!) recommend to neuter (as early as possible) to prevent e.g. pyometra. it is true that

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