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† ciaran of cnoc greina – „fuchur“, *16. 5. 2007 †26. 4. 2013

turas von den eichelwiesen x chandra vom elsengrund

Pedigree – Ciaran of Cnoc Greina


ciaran is an austrian stud dog with interesting pedigree. his father was => turas von den eichelwiesen, the last stud dog from the legendary eichelwiesen family. turas sired only one litter and ciaran is from this litter.

ciaran’s nick name is fuchur and he lives with his family in the waldviertel in lower austria.

you can find further information at fuchur’s => homepage. the homepage is german only but you can ask the owner erika stocker in english language, too. her eMailaddress is: little.horse.ranch@aon.at

ciaran of cnoc greina has been put to sleep on 26 april 2013 because of cancer already spread to lungs. parent tumor was prostate tumor.

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