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Apr 11 2014

quote of the day

dog breeders operate under the delusion that you can just select away from any disease just like you’d select away from poor conformation, which is why they go ape over every genetic test for a disease that comes down the pike. source: a culture that worships genetic plunder, retrieverman.net the whole article is worth reading. …

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Mar 15 2013

genetics for beginners

the problem is that a dog has much more than two genes and not everything is as easy and visible as colours … anyway it seems like the most capable geneticists are among dog breeders! some of them can breed hounds without any hunting instinct, some of them can breed dogs free from genetic diseases, …

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Oct 25 2012

breeding for longevity?

there are some breeders who want to make us thinking that old dogs in the pedigree leads to longevity in the offspring. frankly i am interested in the age of ancestors of a dog, too but much more i am interested in cause of death. and both are just parts of a much bigger puzzle …

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Jan 23 2012

changes in genetic science?

there is increasing evidence that suggests that while you carry the same set of genes for life, environmental factors, such as diet or even your mother’s health while you are in the womb, could affect their activity, and your chances of certain illnesses later in life. this article => gene sitch “key to heart health” …

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